The forest guard exam paper submitted in this video will discuss the top ten forest guard objective questions. You can also easily do the practice of Ban Rakshak Objective Question PDF.

Forest Guard Model Question paper is submitted on this video. You can also easily practice to pass out Vanrakshak exam. The vanrakshak question should be prepared before doing the vanrakshak physical test.

forest guard question paper 2021 pdf

Here in this article, you will get the forest guard question answer pdf free of cost. Just have to provide your email id then you will get your pdf file in your smartphone. 

forest guard question paper 2021 pdf download is prepared in the Nepali language. It is a portable and small-sized file. 

forest guard salary in Nepal

After the selection of forest guard. You will get your salary of your from the Nepal government. You will get various types of bonuses and basic salaries. You will get almost 30 thousand salaries. 

vanrakshak question answer

varnrakshak question-answer submitted on this video can be used easily with free of cost. Hoping that you will like it. 

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