Raj Kumar Thapa Magar is one of the most popular YouTubers in Nepal. He is doing content creation in managed social media. He is uploading his content on his Youtube channel and Facebook page regularly. 

He was a shy guy in starting period. He started his vlog using his cycle. After getting up to 50k Youtube subscribers then he gets more confidence. He was really passionate about cycling. Now he is getting more popular. 

Raj Kumar Thapa Magar Biography , Age , Height , Girlfriend

Youtube Career 

He started his career at an early age. He created his channel on Sep 21, 2017. But he uploaded his first video on Feb 18, 2018.  His family was not supportive in his starting phase. Now his mummy also giving full support after achieving success on his youtube channel. He has almost 850k Youtube subscribers on his youtube channel. He has a 15 to 20-age-grouped Youtube subscriber base. 

His childhood 

According to Rajkumar he always loves to do cycling. For a few months, he was passionate about bodybuilding also. He fell down from his bike while he was able to record. That video went viral and he start to upload more videos. 

Raj Kumar Thapa Magar Girl Friend 

Raj Kumar Tahapa Magar Girlfriend name is Alisha Khadgi . She is also well known Youtuber right now. According to them, they were best friends before their relationship. Amazing that they still didn't know who did propose but they fell in love. 

Alisha Khadgi loves to do boxing. She is a boxer and she loves to fight. According to Raj Kumar, his girlfriend always stand behind her and save him. He feels more secure when she is with him. 


According to him, he is earning more than $1500 to $2000 per month. According to Socialblade, his estimated monthly earning is $1.1K  -  $18.4K. and his  Estimated yearly earning is $13.8K  -  $220.7K. According to them Alisha Khadgi and Raj Kumar Thapa Magar's total earnings are more than 5 lakh per month. 

His social Work 

He is doing social work too. He is donating more than 5 to 10 percent. According to Alisha Khadgi, he is donating money to people who need money. Last time also he gives money to a man who has three children. and that guy was the victim of an accident. According to him, he doesn't want to help those people who will eat and drink. 

His suggestion

Every new YouTuber needs passion to get the achievement. At least one year time should give to get the achievement on youtube consistently. You will get results slowly. 

His further plan

Raj Kumar thapa magar is planning to learn bike maintenance. He is wasting a lot of money to do service bikes. So he is trying to learn bike servicing and maintenance. 

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