Recently the Pradesh Loksewa aayog Kailali published a notice related to Ban rakshak (Forest Guard). Many Nepali candidates also applying for those jobs positions. Especially this job vacancy is for those people who are interested in the forest. 

Wildlife and plats lovers can apply for this vanarakshak vacancy. There are many types of quotas available for this vacancy. Such as Khulla, Adibasi/Janajati , Madhesi , Mahila and Apanga. You can choose any of them.

Duties of Vanrakshak in Nepal 

  • Take Care of plants 
  • Take Care of Animals 
Basically, there are two duties of Vanrakshak. You should take care of plants and Animals.  You should go in the team while going in the jungle. You should use an elephant or vehicle when going to the jungle. 

Vanrakshak Salary in Nepal

It depends on what types of Facilities are provided by Nepal Government. You can get the festival bonus, Uniform expenses, and Dearness allowance. If you calculated all the facilities then you will get Rs. 22000 to Rs. 35000. 

Vanrakshak online form 

If you want to apply your online form then you should to in your particular Pradesh loksewa aayog website online registration link. You should provide all the details then you will upload your files as per requirement. then you should submit your application. 

If you want to apply for an online application of vanrakshak then you can watch this video also. This video is describing how can you fill online application for the Banrakshak online form? 

The Website links for each Pradesh loksewa aayog 

van rakshak facilities 

  1. You will get sick leaves 
  2. You will get study leaves 
  3. You will get pregnancy leaves 
  4. you will get pregnancy care leaves (For male ) 

 Vanrakshak Book pdf in Nepali

There are various types of books available in the market. If you are also trying to buy books a Book by Mr. Gyanshwar Bhattarai, Kumarprasad Bhattarai, and Chiran Koirala. The book name is "Ban Rakshak Exam Manual " 

If you want to download a few model questions for ban rakshak exams then you can download your files in free of cost from the download button. You should provide your email then you will get your PDF book free of cost. 

File Password is : elearning

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