Hostgator Review: 5 Facts you should know about Hostgator. I am going to discuss the top 5 things about Hostgator which you should know before purchasing a plan with them. So don't miss those interesting facts about Hostgator.

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# 1 Unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Space, and Mysql databases

HostGator provides you unlimited bandwidth with unlimited disk spaces at the cheapest rate than other hosting companies. You can get unlimited bandwidth and disk space with any of your favorite hosting plans. Many hosting companies are giving just 1 GB bandwidth, 2 GB bandwidth.

Your Website will not crash never in the future if you purchase the hosting plan of HostGator because of the unlimited bandwidth. Another amazing things is that you can create unlimited MySQL databases as per your requirement.

You can create your unlimited MySQL databases with any of your favorite hosting plans of Hostgator. So you can also grab this opportunity at the lowest price from the link given in the description.

#2  45 days money-back guarantee

You shouldn't worry about your money. You will get back your money immediately if you didn't get satisfaction from Hostgator hosting plan. They have 24 hours customer support available. You can directly contact them from different types of mediums. If you didn't get satisfaction with Hostgator hosting plan you can directly contact the HostGator customer care center.

They will assist you immediately to refund your money. Hostgator customer support is really awesome and quick. I get every solution related to Hostgator hosting problem within a few minutes.

#3 Free domain with SSL certificate for one year

Nowadays SSL is very important for the purpose of SEO. Google, bing, and other Search engines prefer to bring up SSL-certified websites on their search results. You shouldn't go on any expensive plan. You can go with the HostGator baby plan or hatchling plan. It is too cheap.

You get a .com or .net domain in free of cost with an SSL certificate with any of your hosting plans. Which is really good. You don't have to pay separately for the domain and SSL certificate. They will activate SSL directly on your domain name.

Is HostGator good for beginners?

#4 $150 google ad credit and $100 Microsoft advertising Credit

After launching your website you should promote your website on various platforms, shouldn't it? so now Hostgator is giving you $150 google ad credit which is really hilarious. You shouldn't worry about ad credit. Hostgator will provide you google $150 ad credit and a $100 Microsoft ad credit.

You can promote your website easily with that credit. You can directly redeem those ad credits from Hostgator. If you don't have enough budget to promote your website then this thing really going to help you. So if you want to also get that ad credit free of cost as a gift you can purchase a HostGator hosting plan to get a 60% discount from my link which is available in my video description.

#5 Free Website builders with a one-click WordPress install

Hostgator will provide you a user-friendly Cpanel for your hosting. You shouldn't be a technical expert to use HostGator Cpanel. If you get any issues with Cpanel you can directly contact customer care they will assist you to use their Cpanel.

Hostgator will provide you a softaculas installer. You can install various types of Content management systems with the help of softaculas. You don't have to worry about it. Just you have to set the username and password of your admin panel then you will be able to install WordPress with one click.

There are almost every CMS available such as Joomla, Drupal, and many more. You can pick one of your favorite.

This is really awesome

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My opinions

Hostgator is really good for bloggers, Personal websites, and entrepreneurs too. It is providing its services since 2002. This company is really providing high-quality hosting plans at the cheapest price.

You will not regret purchasing a hosting plan because everything you need can be found inside Hostgator hosting plan. You can use my Coupon code for a limited time only to get a 66% discount on Hostgator hosting plan. link in the description. So I will come back with another new video until that goodbye see you again.


Why Hostgator hosting is best? There are various types of hostings providers available in the market

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