If you want to be familiar with different types of Geography then the sections were going to discuss physical geography human Geography techniques and regional geography. 

There are various types of Geography such as human geography, physical geography, political Geography, environment geography, medical geography, economic geography and biogeography, water resources Geography, climate geography, geomorphology and various types of Geography is available in the world.

 So in this section, we are going to discuss all those types of Geography in the future. If you want to get updates related to geography and its functions then you can visit this page. 

What are the 5 types of geography?

So in this article, we will discuss GIS or remote sensing also so you will be able to create different types of maps using GIS software. You can create a measuring map using cartography after reading a few articles.

 So if you want to get updates related to all types of geography please visit this website. So using geomorphology and climate Geography you live able to understand the climate and the earth's surface. So it is too much easy to understand the geography types and their functions after this article reading.

 If you are interested to learn more about Geography then this page going to help you with all the information related to geography. So you are going to cover political Geography also. 

So after understanding political Geography, you will understand the effects and functions of political geography. So, guys, I am going to put the links related to articles and you can check those articles one by one and you can read those articles if you have free time or if you trying to study deeply.  Thank you so much.

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