How can I recover my Google Account without phone number and recovery email?

 Google account is one of the most important things for us. Becasue one single google account contains many things. Eg. Google drive , Youtube channel, Important Email , Google Photos Etc.

how to recover google account password without recovery mobile number

Recover Google account Using Web Browser

Many people have those habit to save their password on their web browser. Maybe you are also one of them. So if you are also trying to find out your google password it may be there.

You can recover your google account using backup code

Google Backup code contains almost 8 digits of number.You can search it on your computer using Windows search feature.

Recover Google account using backup code

Recover google account using Google security key

Google security key the device developed by Google. You have purchase it from google own official store. You can store your google account password here.

Get your New Mobile Number

Mobile number is of the best thing to get back your google account. Many people loose their mobile number and they purchase another new sim card.

Recover Google account password using Recovery Mobile number

Get back your Google account using Android smartphone

Android smartphone is nothing without Google play store. You cannot download any single android application from Google play store without signing with google account.

Recover Google account using google community

Contact Google Directly to recover your google account

You can ask few questions related with your google account in Google account community. Maybe someone from the community may help you.

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