Maybe your laptop fan is making more noise and disturbing you. Maybe Your fan is creating an annoying sound and decreasing the laptop's performance then In this article, you will learn to fix your Laptop fan's grinding noise. 

laptop making a whirring noise

There can be multiple reasons why a laptop makes a whirring noise. The main reason of lap makes a whirring noise is your fan collects the dust inside it. Another reason can be your laptop is old and the fan motor alignment is imbalanced. 

how to fix laptop fan grinding noise

The laptop makes a whirring noise on startup

If your laptop makes a whirring noise on startup and after a few times it will stop the whirring noise then it is the symptom that your fan should be cleaned as soon as possible. After a little time, the fan can produce a more whirring sound on your laptop. 

laptop making noise when switched on

If your laptop makes a noise when switched on then the reason can be you are putting multiple startup files and programs. In the window, you can disable and enable the startup software and programs from the task manager. 

You can disable the startup programs in Windows 7 from services.MSC also. It will help you to reduce the load for the processor and RAM. If you are you are using Windows 10 or windows 11 then you can enable and disable it from the Task manager. Just you have to press CTRL + ALT + DELETE then you can open Task manager. 

Then you have to go to the startup tab and you can easily enable or disable your unused programs. 

solution  fix the noisy fan on the laptop

Above we discussed the problems. Now we are going to discuss the solution to the noisy fan on laptops. If you are also thinking that how to fix a noisy fan on a laptop then this article will help you fix this issue. 

Unplug You charger 

You should unplug Your laptop charger from the laptop before opening it. After disconnecting the charger only you can start your work. 

Remove Your Battery 

If your laptop battery is detachable then you can remove the battery at first but if your laptop battery is attached to your laptop then You should remove your laptop battery after opening the back cover of the laptop. 

In my case; I am opening my laptop battery after opening the laptop case because my laptop battery is attached. 

Open all the screws carefully 

Now you have to open all the screws of your laptop. You can easily open them one by one very carefully. If you don't have the Screwdriver then you purchase this screwdriver also. Now you can easily open your all screws using the screwdriver. 

You can use Coin also 

If you don't have an opener then You can use an opener also to open your laptop case. Don't use your nail; Your nail can be broken and it can hurt you. 

Remove RAM  and  Fan Also 

You can check your RAM and Fan . and check the dust. The dust may be inside your motherboard and inside your FAN. Check carefully. I am sure the dust should be inside your fan Now you have to remove all the dust by using a Blower. 

Make sure all the dust is cleaned successfully. If there are any types of dust particles they can harm the motor of the Laptop Fan. So You have to check very slowly and carefully. 

Note: Don't press in the fan during the cleaning laptop fan. 

If you didn't clean it smoothly your laptop fan can be broken and it may damage your laptop fan.  and you should replace your laptop fan. The cost can be very high and the same model of laptop fan cannot be available So be careful.

Apply Heat sink Paste 

Heat sink paste is also one of the best solutions for your noisy computer that can help you reduce your laptop temperature and it will increase your laptop performance. So after opening your laptop fan from the motherboard then don't forget to apply head sink paste in your processers. 

After that again assemble your computer then your laptop noise can be reduced. Good luck. 

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