Are you trying to learn English in Nepali? Are you getting problems speaking in English? 

I am an English language expert and have been teaching Many peoples online and offline platforms for seven years. 

In this article, you will also learn English in Nepali and you will get a " Learn English in Nepali PDF " free of cost. 

The learning process of the English Language is very simple. You don't have to take care of all the grammar to do conversation. According to the many experiment, you can  easily speak any language if you have the proper knowledge of at least one thousand (1000) words of that particular language. 

Every task will be easier by stoding subconscious conscious mind. Yopeopleeoples are doing various types of thinthe gs around glof obe. Some them are jumping fromthe cliff , some of them are sowing t,he weapons etc. 

Everything is possible in this world just you should start right now. And yshould to send that toowledgsubconscious conscious mind. 

If you learn more than almost 100 words then you will be also able to talk in the English language easily. so without any delay, let's start our article. 

Learn English in Nepali PDF

Read Everyday 

The habit of reading habit helps to improve our English language. If you don't have the habit of reading then you yshould develop that habit to learn Englishin Nepali . 

There are various types of books available in the market. you can pick any of them and you can also easilyourmprove the readng skills . After reading you will be also able to speEnglishly the english language. 

If youfor practice for almost one month then you can feel the improvement. It is very easy tEnglishve the english language by reading. 

You can  ad novel  comics or some types of interesting things which you prefer to read. You can read Literature  related books. 

If you want to read biography then you can read them also. If you want to read various types of technical articles then read. 

But don't forget to red English . You Should to read at least one month then you will see the effective improvement inside you. 

If you didn't find any book. Try to read English Newspapewebsitesog website. Where you can find out millions of articles. You can choose any of them and you can read them. 

Use The  Mirror

Mirror technique is one of the most effective techniques. You can easily talk yourself without hesitation by standing in the  front of mirror. Researchers   found that this mirror technique is very helpful to improve many ttypes of skills . You will be also easily family liar with the English Language by practicing yourself in frront of Mirror. 

You can bring  a Miror in your room then stand up in front of that mirror. Then start to talk yourself. You will feel some madness, in the beginning, but after a few days feel will feel the effectiveness of this technique. 

According to  my friend this technique help him to learn English in two weeks. He was happy because of Mirror technique . 

Write Your Journal 

Many successful people prefer to write  journals. If you are trying to learn English then you should start journal writing. 

Journal Writing Help  us to improve our writing skill also. it help us to send positive message to our subconscious mind. If you start to do  a journal everyday    then your mind will start to send positive messages to your mind for English language.

If you start  to write journal then you can doit  on you smaronhone or in copy paper also. You Should to write your journal before sleeping. You should to keep tracking all   the task done in the afternoon , You should to mention one by one them on  the journal.

If you did it properly then it might be easier for you.  

Watch English Movies 

I learned the Hindi language by watching Hindi Movies. You can also start to watch famous English Movies per day. 

You don't understand languages but don't stop to watch those movies. When you start to watch those movies then you will start to understand thlanguage languages. 

Even you watch the English Music videos also. That could help you to understand more. You can watch English TV channels or you can listen to English  Podcast . 

Take help of your Friend

You have to create an best perfect environment   to learn English language. . If your friends , family members are talking in English then you can easily learn English. 

Just imagine why the Nepali language is easy for you. Because you got the perfect environment in your family. Hoping that you are understanding. 

If your family members were talking Hindi then the Hindi language will be also very easier for you. So that you should make friend circle do practice the English Language. Otherwise, it will be very hard for you. 

My Words 

It is easy to learn the English Language. In My experience, it all depended on mindset. If you have a positive mindset toward the English Language Then it is easy to learn. If you have a negative mindset then it is hard to learn. 

It is your choice which path you want to choose. I am thinking that you will make a positive mindset and you will learn English from now. Good Luck: 🙂

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