There are ten units of the TSC Primary Level syllabus. You need to prepare all the units to pass the Primary level TSC exam. All the questions and answers will be unique and very hard. That's why if you didn't prepare the paper according to this syllabus then you might fail. So be careful you need to be passed. 

Unit 1. Classroom Management and Teaching Plan

From Unit One all the Primary level questions will come from the classroom management and teaching session plan. If you prepare from this then you can easily pass the exam. You will get 10 marks for questions from this Unit. 

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Unit 2. Child Mindset

You have to read about the child mindset from unit two. You can easily pass out if you prepare the questions regarding the child's mindset. You will get five marks on questions in the examinations from this unit. 

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Unit 3 . Teaching method and student evaluation 

From unit three you have to prepare about Teaching methods and student evaluation. You can easily pass this unit if you are prepared regarding teaching methods. You can get up to 10 marks questions from this Unit. 

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Unit 4: Nepali Language Teaching

From unit four you have to learn about the Nepali language teaching. This is one of the easiest units ever in the primary-level teacher syllabus because Nepali is our native language. You can get 15 marks for questions and answers from this unit. 

TSC Primary Level  syllabus download PDF

Unit 5: Social Studies and Human Values Teachings 

We live in society and society-related questions will come from this unit in the exam. So that, if you prepare a little bit you can easily pass out the question. The question can come from the Nepali society in the TSC examination, Nepali culture, Nepali weather, etc. You can get up to 10 marks questions from Unit 6. 

Unit 6: English Teaching

Most of the students have a fear of the English language. Because it is not our national language and mother tongue don't worry English is also a simple language like Nepali. If you learn a few grammar rules and word meanings you can easily pass out the TSC primary-level exams. You can get up to 10 marks on questions from this unit. 

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Unit 7: Mathematics Teaching

Mathematics is also one of the easiest subjects to pass out. You can grab all the marks if you remember a few simple mathematics formulae. You don't need to be complicated while remembering mathematics formulae. It is very simple you prepare a lot. You will get 10 marks if you prepare the questions and answer. 

Unit 8: Science and Technology Teaching

You can get the science and technology-related questions from this unit.  Science and technology is one of the most important part of human life. we cannot live without science and technology. so you can get 10 marks on questions in the exams from Unit 8. 

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Unit 9: Health and physical activity and creative teaching

You can easily get the full marks from this unit. this is one of the easiest and simplest units to pass the exams. If you prepare then you can easily get 10 marks from this Unit 9. 

Unit 10: Language and syllabus

Language and syllabus unit is also one of the interesting and useful units. Without the knowledge of Language and syllabus, you cannot teach students so this unit is very important. You can get 10 Marks questions from this unit. 

Conclusion : 

So in this way, if you also prepare with the help of the syllabus then you can easily pass the TSC Primary Level Syllabus. If you want also to download the TSC primary syllabus then you can download it from the given download button. 

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