Google input tool is one of the useful tools for typing in Unicode Nepali layout. There are basically two types of Nepali keyboard layouts available in Computers The first one is Preeti Keybarod Layout and the second one Is unicode Nepali keyboard Layout. If you are typing the Unicode Nepali keyboard layout is one of the most popular and highly demanded keyboard layouts among Nepali People. 

The Unicode Nepali Keyboard layout 

It is one of the easiest keyboard layouts to do Nepali typing because you don't have to remember anything to do Unicode Nepali typing. If you want to also use the  Unicode Nepali typing then you can take the help of the following keyboard layout. 

Download  of  Google input tool 

If you want to also download the google input tool then you can easily download it from the given link here. It is super easy to download and install the file. 


here are a few steps to install it. 

  • Download the Unicode Nepali Keyboard 
  • Extract the zip files 
  • Open the setup files 
  • Now click in the next multiple times
  • Done 
If you follow the give method then you can also easily do Nepali typing . 

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