The Koshi Pradesh Loksewa Aayog has recently announced a crucial requirement for all participants of the physical test examination. Applicants are now mandated to bring a "Swoghosana Patra" (self-declaration letter) with them to the examination venue.

Ban Raksahk Swoghosana Patra

The "Swoghosana Patra" serves as a self-declaration by the applicants, indicating their acknowledgment and acceptance of responsibility for any injuries, accidents, or unfortunate circumstances, including death, that may occur during the course of the examination.

This document holds significant importance as it signifies the applicant's understanding of the risks involved in participating in the physical test examination and their willingness to assume personal responsibility for any consequences that may arise.

The Koshi Pradesh Loksewa Aayog emphasizes that the submission of the "Swoghosana Patra" is compulsory for all candidates appearing for the examination. Failure to present this document may result in disqualification from the examination process.

Applicants are urged to adhere to this requirement and ensure that they have the necessary documentation in place before attending the physical test examination. This measure is implemented to safeguard the interests of both the applicants and the examining authority, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the examination process.

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