Microsoft Word is a useful software for office use. It is one of the popular products of Microsoft. If you want to also use Microsoft Word then you have to get an idea about Microsoft Word. There are many types of Microsoft Word bars available in Microsoft Word. 

Microsoft Words Bars

1. Title bar 

The first bar located at the top is the Title bar. You can see the document names and software names in the title bar. 

2. Menu bar 

It is also known as the Tab bar. There are various types of menus to get navigation on software. 

3. Section Bar 

The section is located below the menu bar in Microsoft Word. There are different types of sections available as per the menu. There are various types of features located on the section bar. Such as table-related options, paragraph-related options, Font-related options, Shape-related options, and many more. 

4. Status Bar 

The status bar is located in the bottom left side order of the window. You can see the page number , and word count in this bar. 

5. zoom slider 

You can zoom in and zoom out using this zoom slider. It is located in the bottom right window. 

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